Keep an eye out here for the Main Ring Attraction and the timetable of events

Programme of events outside main ring
Full range of trade stands from 4pm till 10pm
Fun Fair open 4pm till 10pm
Flower Show open 5pm till 10pm
Sheep Shearing competitions starting 4.30pm

horse exhibits - judging starting at 8.00am
350 cattle exhibits - judging starting at 8.00am
1000 sheep exhibits - judging starting at 8.30am
Sheep Shearing Competitions all day from 8.00am
Fleece Competition and Shepherds Crooks
350 Fur and Feather exhibits - judging starting 8.30am
On the Farm tent from 8.45am - aimed specifically at children who want to learn about the country way of life. The display is interactive including wooden cows to be milked, seeds to be planted and wool to be spun.
Wool Spinning demonstrations
From 9am over 300 trade stands - including all the major agricultural manufacturing and service companies; forestry; fencing; industrial; lorries; 4x4; cars; fashion, clothing, jewellery, footwear, outdoor wear; textiles & knitwear; food; drink; confectionery; china & pottery; gardening; furniture; charitable bodies (a full list at the rear of the catalogue).
Flower Show open from 8.30am
Food from the Highlands - full list see dedicated tab.
Crafts from the Highlands - full list see dedicated tab.
Chainsaw Carving - over at the main gate.
Full Catering available all over the field.
Licensed Bar